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Did a great job on all of our window’s and an AMAZING JOB remodeling my mom’s kitchen. Thanks for the recommendation mom, and Brian and his whole crew of workers did a great job. No matter what kind of little surprises my home gave them everything was done in a timely and professional manner. I will definitely be calling again for more home projects!!


Mrs. Salcido, El Paso Tx 


I love working with his company! By far one of the fastest and exactly what I was expecting. 


Mrs. Murrillo, El Paso Tx


Beautiful, quality work! Call them, by the time the work the lowest bidder did is falling apart or not at all what you wanted these guys could have done it right the first time. 


Mr. Candelaria, El Paso Tx 


Replaced a portion of my roof because of a water leak and completed interior repairs to ceiling due to the leak. Excellent work!


Mrs. McCarthy, El Paso Tx 


Window Replacement, work was done in a timely manner and finished with quality and professional touch-ups.


Mr. Salcido, El Paso Tx 


We are extremely pleased with the services provided to us by the crew. They're punctual, pleasant and professional. We will recommend them to our friends and family. Also we would like to use there services in the future if we may need it.


Mr. Mrs. Siangeldeb, El Paso Tx


Well they arrive in the morning and do their thing leaving everything nice and tidy at the end of the day. I love when people pay attention to detail and they do. With years of experience they are more than qualified to advise you if what you have in mind will or will not work. If not don't worry they will help you out. I love my finished product and I would feel comfortable recommending Murray's Design & Remodeling to my friends and family.


Mr. Mrs. Herrera, El Paso Tx 


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